We, La Toscana, are very pleased to be a new member of Phapok Village.

With the grateful helps and assistance of our local neighborhoods we, La Toscana, were able to complete our construction in 8 months. We have used local resources such as old woods from old houses and transformed them to European style furniture. Every single brick is made from local clay to be used to complete our Tuscany style bricked houses. All the beautiful steels works, handcrafts, classic handmade curtains and also our garden and landscaping works are all done from the helps of the locals.

Amazingly with only 700 members, but packed with skilled people such as carpenters, bricklayers, craftsmanship, painters, glass sculpture, gardeners and great cooks. With such inspiration, we have used their talents to set up the theme of our villas.

We are happy with our concept which is to help the locals, that our investment has helped creating more jobs and more opportunities for the locals. And for that, we have chosen not to use any professional constructors from main city to do the work. All of the workers are from local and surely, they have proved that their talents are hardly to be compared. And our employees are also from local villagers whom we would like to give them opportunities to learn to be professional and to be able to give good services in the near future.