Welcome to La Toscana, Suan Phueng

PhaPok Village, a small village that has beautiful landscape and rich artistic legacy which is similar to Tuscany, a small town in Italy, the concept of our resort. We redesigned some of outstanding characteristics of Tuscany style for the exterior. For interior, we aimed for country Italian style which focuses on bathroom usage area and classic style bathtub. Each house is differently designed and made of handmade bricks and roof tiles that we made them ourselves here at La Toscana Resort. Including all the decorations and most of the furniture are made by our skilled and talented local villagers which you cannot find it anywhere else.

La Toscana is the place where you will enjoy beautiful scenery of the green mountains, or mountains covered with white fog blanket, and morning mist that comes visit every rainy and winter season. Barbeque party with friends or candle light dinner under starry sky with someone special for memorable time also can be arranged on your courtyard garden or on your private rooftop.

Each villa offers you either a classic European style bathtub or big rounded tub either indoor or outdoor for you to set out your own getaway and enjoy yourself with different atmosphere of peaceful Tuscany country style.

Watching sunset on the hill of your front yard, be surrounded by cool mist in the morning of spring and winter, the priceless experience for you to share with your love ones at La Toscana.