Our Story

We are happy to offer our guests a truly fabulous experience of a relaxing and memorable.

Come live tuscan living with us !

Welcome to Ban Phapok, a charming small village with a landscape reminiscent of Tuscany in central Italy, featuring rolling hills, mountain vistas, and beautiful trees. Our resort perfectly captures Tuscany's charm, redesigned as a secluded hilltop retreat. Embracing an Italian Country Style, we prioritize spacious bathrooms and large bathtubs for your ultimate relaxation. Each accommodation is uniquely designed, starting from the first brick we crafted ourselves. The construction, decoration, and nearly all the furniture showcase the skill and talent of our local community.

“La Toscana”

At our resort, you can enjoy stunning mountain views with mist gracing your doorstep during the rainy and winter seasons. Host a barbecue party or a candlelit dinner in the front yard or on your private rooftop, creating unforgettable memories with your special someone.

Each house features a classic Italian-style bathtub, a large round tub situated either inside or outside, allowing you to create a romantic atmosphere. Escape the mundane and immerse yourself in the serene Tuscan countryside ambiance that surrounds La Toscana. Watch the sunset over the mountains in front of your home, savor the unique atmosphere, appreciate the natural beauty, feel the mist around you, and listen to the heartbeat of your loved one.